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Since 1996

Based in Amsterdam Cenobite is an open platform for EDM
Experimental Dance Music.
Some call it Trancecore or Cenobite style we like to call it Psycore ( psychadelic hardcore)
The style is dis-scribed as A mix & blend of Hardcore Tekno Acid PsyTrance & Break-beats

But in the end they are Influenced by all kinds of music, sounds & noise.
Cenobite built up a catalog with releases from international artist.
With the DJ's & Producer's of the Cenobite Artist Crew,
you can count on some devastating hardcore classics !!!

WEB-SHOP: www.cenobiterecords.com

All Cenobite Tracks are available in the cenobite webshop

Since 2002 Cenobite is officialy member of " United Multi Media Artist " ( U.M.M.A.)"

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dj damian

dj damian cd

It all started when Axel Doorman was a little prick.
Music was everywhere, so it was something that could be created with any piece of equipment that came on his path.
One day, when his mother had enough of all the broken and smashed things in the house,
she bought him that well known Casio.
Ever since that day there was chemistry between Axel and electronic music.
A few years later as the first computer came inside the house,
he collected his first software and soundsamples.
The addiction became complete and the passion grew more and more.
From that time on every little bit of spare time was used making music.
Axel started mixing back in 1996 when he stated working for a local radio station near Amsterdam.
The idea was clear: take his creations out to the right audience.
Just like many dj's in that time his career started with mixing Hardcore.
His first gig was in Zaandam in the legendary Hemkade. But since they didn't needed anymore dj's that night, he was asked to host the stage as MC.
And so that new experience became another great skill.
A few years passed by and Hardcore faded back to the underground.
After hours of searching for a new sound he stumbled over something completely different, yet it was there already for some time; A new love was born, Techno. From 1999 to 2002 he was a resident in a club near Amsterdam and mainly played Techno. After the club closed down he played at different clubs like De Waakzaamheid, Lexion, Hemkade and Club Line-Up. It didn't took long before the first gig outside the Dutch borders became a fact. With the E-Lake Festival (Luxembourg) he played his first big festival with a crowd of 15000 people. A few years later he played at Club Inigo in London for the Dutch based label DjTrx, where he was signed. Together with names like Isis, Don Diablo and Smashing Sebastian he made it a night to be remembered. Along the way, his love for the harder styles never died and he joined Cenobite Records
to give his oldest passion a good home.
With a lot of diversity in styles of music around the whole electronic music scene,
this is a guy to be watched closely.





cenobite artist



        Danny Firestone


Ice Cold Blood - The Philosopher & Membrane Remix
Crosses - Chosen Few Remis
Ice Cold Blood - Stormrage Remix
Ice Cold Blood - T.C.D. Remix ( TheCyberDemon )

danny firestone

Amsterdam based Danny Firestone, original Hardcore hooligan, and inventor of the typical Riotstyle Hardcore,
started his career as vocalist/guitarist in the early 80's Punkband 'NV Le Anderen'.
Their tracks appeared from 1982 on a variety of compilation Lp's and 12'' around Europe and the U.S.
The band split up in 1985, after their last gig at the famous CBGB's in New York City.

From 1993 he toured the U.S. and other countries several times as leadsinger/guitarist with
'Teenage Warning', best known for the 1997 rip-offs 'Brohymn' (Pennywise),
and 'If Kidz Are United' (Sham69), which he produced with DJ Paul.
Both tracks are considered as Hardcore classics, entered the Dutch radiocharts,
and appeared in different mixes on many compilations like the 'Thunderdome' series.
Over the years their own recordings were released on Sampler cd's in Germany, Japan,
Brazil, the U.S. and Great Britain only.

After the breakup with Teenage Warning in 1998, he took his old job as roughneck in
offshore drilling, until a tragedy on september 11, 2001 brought him back in the studio again.

That same year he started writing for, and became frontman of the 'Offensive' Live project.
First track made was 'Deadcops', and soon he found himself performing at almost
every major Hardcore event all over Europe, including Hellraiser, Masters Of Hardcore, Sonic,
Hardcore For Life, Space Music Festival Moscow, Nightmare
(in- and outdoor), Decibel, Project Hardcore, and many more.

Today his main effort is recording with DJ Leviathan for Cenobite Records, and this will continue next year.
First release will be a digital package containing 4 experimental Hardcore tracks
with titles like: Crosses, HC Heroes, Ice Cold Blood, and Cenobite! (The Anthem).

Since 2010 he's also recording and performing as lead-singer for Hardcore-outfit 'Dutch Wisdom', which
gives him the opportunity to go back to his musical roots, but must be considered as side project.

December 15 2012, he performed with DJ Leviathan at Thunderdome - The Final Exam,
at the Amsterdam RAI Convention center.
And the Dreamteam 20 Years celebration at the Amsterdam Paradiso

R.I.P. Danny 'FIRESTONE' Weeland
20.09.1964 - 01.07.2013

danny firestone rip






Freedoms Progress
Freedoms Progress (Painbringer Remix)
We Are The Cenobites
We'll Tear Your Soul Apart (Stormrage Remix)




Bio: Stormrage was born in 1987, Hungary - he didn't contemplate too much: when he was 5-6 years old he started to like faster electronic music, first Scooter and the Hungarian acts that were built on the same schematics, then when he was 6-7, he got the first impressions of a new world that was called hardcore. Rave and hardcore lived by each other till about 1998 for him, but as rave music became less popular, hardcore became dominant for the next 6 years. His first own tracks were made in 2000 with different kind of 'tracker' programs, then in 2003 FL Studio had taken the place of outworn trackers. The changes in hardcore between 2000 and 2002 - the appearance of newstyle and mainstyle - had great influence on his musical style.

Following the newest generation of musics from 2004 on, the most important things for him are not the basic cliches of hardcore but the musicality, drawn in from many styles thus giving new colors to a rough and tough style. For inspiration he looks into other kinds of music, such as: happy hardcore, rave, trance, breakbeat/drum'n'bass, dance and disco musics, rock, punk, metal, film scores, classical and piano pieces. He claims that producing music is not all, the artist must also present it - from 2006 he gives more attention to live acts and the DJ culture.

The first breakthrough was the middle of 2006 when he was asked to play on the Austrian "Giants" party where also such well-known names were spinning like: Chosen Few, The Speedfreak, Angerfist and many more, which were followed by several other parties in Austria and later on in the Czech Republic. In 2010 Stormrage & Visual Angel started a live-act project under the name of Hardcore Stalkers presented first on Bassdome Outdoor festival (CZ) and Devastator (HU).

2010 has become important year by releases too. In June two releases came with few days difference, first on "DJ Delirium & Tellurian – Ain't No Stoppin' This" a remix (Cenobite Records) and two solo tracks on "Volume 1 EP" (K.N.O.R. Records). In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands and started to work on new projects in different styles which had its result soon as a solo release at Cenobite Records called: Freedom's Progress.




stormrage HARDCORE



Maarten Prinsen was born in 1989 in Winterswijk (NL).
As a little child he was already interested in making music.
He started playing the keyboard and formed a little band with some friends. Mainstream music wasn't the kind of music he liked though.
But at that age he didn't know about the existence of all the different kinds of music in the world.
He came in touch with house music somewhere around the year 1998. He knew that this was his kind of music, especially the harder styles. After some years he started producing his own hardcore tracks. Because he didn't know any other house producers he had to learn everything on his own. He also bought a DJ set and started collecting vinyls and after a while he got booked on various small rave parties.
After a few years he heard about the label Cenobite Records, which has its unique hardcore sound, with influences of acid, psytrance and breakbeats. He immediately fell in love with this sound and started producing psychedelic hardcore too. After a couple of years he sent a track to Michel Klaassen, owner of the Cenobite label. After a while Michel contacted him to send all of his tracks for a CD he was about to release (Machines In Motion Volume 2). Now he is proudly producing for his favorite label.

2011 New release: "Human Demise"

01: Own Demise
02: Yes, No ( Manic remix)
03: Inferno
04: Holographic Universe
05: Eternity
06: Illusion
07: Pain & Pleasure
08: Welcome 2 Hell
09: Rock It Up
10: Hellfire

dj manic


        The CYBERDEMON

the Cyberdemon

Genre : Hardcore / Psycore

http://www.cenobiterecords.com/  : Digital#5



  1. Meguiddo
  2. Omega
  3. The Awakening
  4. Unleashed

Created by the devil many years ago. I've remained dormant UNTIL NOW!
C. Bon started producing Hardcore at around 1998. Starting out on tracker software, and making some demented noises.
Well in keeping practicing in production and such C.Bon went to out to school to obtain 2 degrees in audio/production, and theory. CBon has released an extensive catalog, and keeps spending as much time as necessary to get the perfect
hellish sound:

The CyberDemon will send your putrid soul to hell!




        The Philosopher







dj The Philosopher


Thijs Bijlsma always had an addiction for music. In his young years he listened to the more "aberrant" music than most kids of his age, listening to music like Daft Punk, Beastie boys and The Prodigy. 
When he first came in contact with the distorted bass drums at the age of 12 he immediately became addicted to the harsh pumping sound of Hardcore.
At the age of 14 he got a virtual mixing program on his computer and learned the basics of mixing.
After some years he could finally purchase some good turntables and a mixer to learn the real deal!
He chose the artist name The Philosopher because he always searched for explanations and answers on how the world "worked" 

After some time of practicing he finally played at parties and festivals. Thijs thought of how cool it would be if people would dance on his own music. From that moment on he started making his own music.
Every day he spent time to understand the basics of synthesis, making drum sounds and bought better equipment for his home studio.

The more he listened to different styles of music, the more he got inspired to produce better music. At his age of 19 he decided to focus on making music full time.
He then joined a sound design education to broaden his music and producing knowledge.
After a while he came in contact with the Cenobite label owner Michel Klaassen aka Leviathan.
When they joined in the studio, there was a good musical chemistry between the two and started making productions together. 

When Leviathan was asked to make the anthem of Ghosttown 2011, they decided to make the anthem together. The Philosopher will do a B2B set with Leviathan on the GHOSTTOWN 2011 event.



Dj the Philosopher






the Cyberdemon

Cenobite Records Proudly Presents

Leviathan Ft. The Philosopher

Free Realtone for your mobile (right button save as)

Full HQ version available in our shop




       The Chosen Few
The youth of François Prijt is turbulent. He grew up in the South East of Amsterdam some call it the ghetto of Amsterdam and in the year 1984 he makes knowledge with electro music and graffiti which blew over from America.
This kind of music and the graffiti was very important for the rest of his music career.
After his parents bought a Commodore 64 for him, he began making music. After a while he bought a Amiga 500 inspired through what others with this device can produce, he was fully surrendered in the music. In the beginning, this was mainly hip hop and breakbeat and drum & bass.
In 1989, he bought his Technics SL1200 turn tables, and after two months of practice he had the art of the mixing in his hands.
At the end of 1991 François began playing hardcore, and became a resident dj in a small club on the Amsterdam red light district. On this he builds up a large multitude fans, and from that moment it goes fast.
In 1993 together with DJ Dano and The Prophet he got his first booking outside of Holland to Austria, the bookings streamed in.
Hardcore and Gabber freaks globally pay homage to the name chosen few playing events such as Mayday in Berlin, Mayhem and Enchanted in Australia, Thunderdome 1994 in Utrecht and 15 years of Thunderdome 2008, Hellraiser in Amsterdam and Resurrection in Scotland, the biggest club in Europe ‘Number One’ in Italy, Poland, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland etc. - the man has an ambition to visit all the biggest events in every country all over the world, keeping the real hardcore vibe alive!
With huge releases on labels such as Mokum, Bzrk, Megarave, Spleen Kick, h20h recordings and more, it is not hard to understand why this man is one of the hardest acts on this planet!
The styles of Dj Chosen Few is a mix of early hardcore techno, up-tempo hardcore & a twist of drum&bass.

dj chosen few cape fear

cenobite mokum

chosen few cape fear

Bastiaan de Waard a.k.a. DJ Psycho grew up in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands.
Living close to Rotterdam and Amsterdam he was quickly inspired
by the Dutch hardcore sounds produced by producers like Chosen Few, Ruffneck, Paul Elstak, Neophyte, Human Resource etc.
At one day a good friend brought him a floppy disk with a program called 'Fasttracker' for his ‘Commodore Amiga 500’ and from this moment he started to make electronic music.
When Dj Psycho started evolving himself into the mixing part of music, he immediately started to play as a resident Dj in 2 of the biggest clubs of the Netherlands for example Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam & Alcazar Pleasure village.
Soon after that Bastiaan completely dedicated himself into the hardcore music.
In the year 2004 Dj Psycho went to S.A.E. a school a for audio producers in Rotterdam, we’re he learned to enhance the quality of his productions.
In the year 2007 Dj Partyraiser picked up his record 'Motherfucking Pussy' and started to play it at all big events all over the world.
Fans all over the world started to support this track, due of this the track was released on vinyl on the Dutch major hardcore label Megarave Records and also used on compilation cd's of Megarave Records, Rotterdam Records & Neophyte Records.
When DJ Psycho started to expand his network he met Dj Chosen Few, owner of the Legendary Amsterdam label Mokum Records and teamed up to produce under the name ‘Chosen Few’ together with François Prijt.
The styles of DJ Psycho is a unique mixture of Hard Up-Tempo, Powerful hardcore with fat synthesizers and a twist of Breakbeat / Drum and Bass.

Artist page : www.djchosenfew.com

dj psycho

chosen few cape fear


Bernice Banel (Jodi) was born and raised in Amsterdam.
coming from a musical family her youth was decorated with Jazz , Soul, and Funk.
At the age of 13 she was introduced by her brother to hip hop.
One year later at the age of 14 she wrote her own lyrics and became the youngest  female rapper at that time. She chose the name Glamorous to introduce herself to the Hip Hop scene and is since the beginning of the early 90's well known as the "Queen of Royal badness"
Not shortly after that Glamorous decided that she wanted a break and started a musical journey in to other music genres. She discovered that she had a weakness for guitars as in classic rock, she did some vocals for alternative bands and till this very day you can cheer her day up with classic rock. Her first date with hardcore was in 1993 at the first Hellraiser party in Amsterdam. Impressed by this music  she discovered that she liked it. She visited many parties  and since then she always knew that her journey to al these different musical planets would give her the tools to built her own.
The treasurer’s she had collected through her musical journey blessed her with "colored blind ears" that picked up more then over 800 samples. With these samples she build an Imperial of her own and made some more Hip hop tracks and supplied other colleagues with some of her samples.
She was a busy body that was also noticed by one of the members of Chosen few (Francois). The collaboration between these two melted her treasure's and Hardcore together. Bastiaan the other half of(Chosen few) was also impressed and not much later she appears as Miss Jodi the ( Co-pro) on some of Chosen Few's tracks.
She also stars as the Co-producer on the upcoming EP "Mana" of Chosen few. Meanwhile she also did some commercial work for UDC as in trailers and Anthems for Hardcore party's.
Miss Jodi is now busy working on her own tracks to share her world with the rest of the universe.

Genre : Hardcore / Psycore

Track: Cape Fear the 2nd anthem

Track: Cape Fear - the anthem

Track: Kicking Time

Track: You make me feel alive

Track: The Solution

Also available as CD SINGLE




Ever since the early 90’s, DJ Delirium has been a forefront leader in the Hardcore Techno scene.
He has appeared countless times at some of the worlds largest events like
Thunderdome, Mysteryland, In Qontrol, Raving Nightmare, Earthquake , Defqon and many more.
Delirium has also had tracks featured on some of the worlds most legendary hardcore compilations CD’s
including Thunderdome, Always Hardcore, Masters Of Hardcore and Resident E.

To date, DJ Delirium has released over 350 slammin’ tracks
with some of Hardcores most recognized companies including
ID&T, Industrial Strength, Traxtorm, Masters of Hardcore, MegaRave, and many more.
DJ Delirium’s got studio skills and has proven that with his top quality productions.

Anyone who’s ever seen DJ Delirium perform knows about his smooth mixing and tight scratching.
His DJ skills have taken him all over the world including countries like Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, Canada, Spain and many more places over the years.
He has rocked dance floors for crowds of over 30,000 people!

DJ Delirium has brought the hits from the studio to the dance floor for the past 18 years,
and there is no sign of stopping him so be prepared for the mantis to strike again!!! = )



dj delirium

the Cyberdemondelirium


Genre : Hardcore / Psycore

Aint No Stoppin This Aint No Stoppin This DJ Inyoung Remix Aint No Stoppin This (Stormrage_Remix)
Aint No Stoppin This (Xylotol_RMX)

Also available as CD SINGLE




       Advanced Dealers


Emanuele and Fulvio met for the first time at parties in Italy.
Both with the passion of creating their own beats they decided to begin creating music togheter and so Advanced Dealers was born.
After a couple of years of hard work, spending days and nights in studio, finally they got a chance with Cenobite Records!
But this is just the beginning and more beats are going to come soon!

Genre :   Hardcore / Psycore
Label: Cenobite Records 
Catalog: CB-666-91
Artist :    Advanced Dealers
Release : Now Or Never E.P.

Track: A1 Now or Never 06:19

Track: A2 The speakerblow 05:19

Track: B1 Join us or Die 05:56

Track: B2 Mental Overdrive 05:26


Review from Brisk  core-magazine  UK 

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out on the dance floor along come Cenobite Records with another brain twisting 4 tracker!
Hailing from Rome, Italy the ‘Advanced Dealers’ are a new and exciting signing to the label.
Concentrating on the more underground end of the Hardcore Techno/Gabber market their style has a distinct progressive feel and is also referred to as Psycore,a very appropriate name methinks.
With 4 solid cuts fueled by aggressive kick drums, warped synths, driving acid, cool sci fi samples and atmosphere inducing breakdowns this is a tasty little EP that is strictly for the headstrong.
Cenobite fans will buy on site and to those not yet in know, make sure you check it out. !

October 2011 new release !!

Genre : Hardcore / Psycore

http://www.cenobiterecords.com/  : Digital#8

Artist:  Advanced Dealers


  1. Hero
  2. Stalker
  3. Destroy

Advanced Dealers did it again ..

Listen to the previews on Cenobiterecords.com




Laurens van Beurden

As far as he can remember music has always been the center of his life.
It gives him strength and inspiration.
In the early nineties he discovered house music and liked it from the start!
From that time on he visited every party he could… ;)
Early ‘92 he began djeeing himself under the name
“Dj Solo” In ‘94 he started his own organization “Extreme”
that made his soul purpose of organising good underground house parties in the north of Holland.
Although the parties started with a few hundred people its visitors increased rapidly ,because of the fast expending dance scene those days.
After changing to many different locations it grew to several thousand visitors and after a short and tempestuous existence it all came to an end in 1996.
The organization fell apart and everyone followed his own way from that time on.

Meanwhile back in ’95 he met Sebastiaan Hoff also known as Dj Promo.
He also was djeeing for a few years back then and was making an attempt to make house music of his own.
We decided to make a record together and released it on “Thunderdome” and “Hellsound”.
Also in ’95 he met Steven Hoogsteder aka "Crypt" and joined him to build there own professional studio.
In ’96 they joined the Cenobite crew and started an collaboration under the name Nitre.
Laurens worked under different aliases like Oblivion and The Abyss for the cenobite label.

After a few years of contemplating he started to organize house parties again in 2001 till 2003
under the name Accelerate which became a big success
Nowadays he is working on his new classics event concept Back 2 Basic in the North of Holland.






Produced the tracks "Totally Lost" "Rough is the Texture" & "The Source" for Cenobite 8 E.P. ARJUNA
Together with "BEYONDER" he made the tracks
"Shoot that Motherfuck" & "Rock on till the break of dawn" on the Cenobite 4 E.P. DJ-ARJUNA & BEYONDER
"Shoot that Motherfuck" is also released as a music video (3D animated) Produced by Cenobite & PIX
DJ ARJUNA aka ( Michiel Greuter ) played @ many party's like Hellraiser & Digital overdose Pandamonium and worked for several dutch record labels

arjuna arjuna










dj arjuna



       Crypt / Nitre


Top dog Steef Hoogsteder aka "CRYPT" produced the tracks "the 9th circle " for the Cenobite 5 E.P. CRYPT
With "LEVIATHAN" he produced the track "Delusion" for Cenobite 5
Also he produced "The Mission" that's bin released only on CD Compilation's
Under the name "NITRE" Cenobite 9 a collaboration with DJ OBLIVION aka (Laurens van Beurden)
they released "RETRO" & "F.T.W.A. for those who apreciate"
On the same NITRE E.P. he "released Crowd Control" & "9mm"
CRYPT is also an excelent Multi-Media Producer / 3d animator (tone-pup productions)
and made the art-work for Cenobite 7 & 11 and the Cenobite website
He did lot's of work for dutch television like TV-Commercials,bumpers,leaders & web-site's
(BNN,Power Unlimited,Defcon,Web space design,H.M.G Holland media group)
also he did 3d graphics for the Ground zero 2009 website

crypt NITRE nitre





A collabaration between Quintus Oostendorp (HOLOCRON) & Michel Klaassen (LEVIATHAN)
They produced the tracks "liberate me" , "We have a Choice" ,"Ready to Flow & Always Awake" for the Cenobite 11 E.P. HOLOCRON Quintus has a classical background and is also Web & Graphic designer.





danny firestone leviathan

Michel Klaassen,

Born and raised in Amsterdam in 1970 a.k.a. Leviathan started producing in 1985 in a hip-hop crew called D-P "Digital-Power".
Through hip-house Michel became obsessed with what later became hardcore played at illegal parties in warehouses.
Countless nights he spend in his home studio passionately creating his own music.
He released his first record in 1992 in the formation "the TOF band".
Michel invested in new equipment and classic Vintage Synthesizers,
finally resulting in a professional multimedia recording studio that makes the hearts of many producers beat faster.

"I can produce almost any kind of music in my studio my interest for music is also very versatile

He developed a wide variety of styles and worked on many project's with other artists and record label's like ;
Delirium, Omar Santana, Predator, Arjuna, Guitar-Rob,
Danny Firestone ,Chosen few,Techno-Head, Dano, Micado, Crypt, Archatos, Beyonder Holocron ,Brainiac, and many more

In 1993 he started producing tracks under the name "Tellurian" for the Amsterdam label "Mokum Records" and gained international recognition as a music producer.
In 1995 he did several project's for ID&T label's Thunderdome ,"Bad Vibes Records" Brainiac
In 1996 he started a independent label: Cenobite Records

Cenobite is an open platform for mostly dark hard innovating experimental melodic electronic music.
Some call it Trancecore or Cenobite style we like to call it Psycore ( psychadelic hardcore)
The style is dis-scribed as A mix & blend of Hardcore Tekno Acid PsyTrance & Break-beats

Cenobite produced the first hybrid hardcore audio/multimedia cd+
and produced 2 music video clips for the dutch music channel "TMF"
there songs got licensed to many international compilation cd's , dvd's.
Since 2002 Cenobite is officialy member of " United Multi Media Artist " ( U.M.M.A.)" www.umma.nl
Web-shop www.cenobiterecords.com Since 2007
In 2012 Cenobite is still Promoting Known & New Talents
NEW experimental project : Danny Firestone & Leviathan

Since 1992 Performing all over the world as a DJ & Live-act.
On legendary events like :

Digital Overdose,
Hardcore Resurrection,
Ground Zero Festival,
Q-base Festival,
In Qontrol ,
Earthquake Festival
Harmony of Hardcore Festival
WISH outdoor Festival
Last World Festival
Hardshock Festival

Cenobite is also known for live act's with diverse exceptional support act's from extreme horror till Futuristic robot show and is currently developing new event & stage concept's

dj leviathan






Produced with Leviathan the track "the Revelation"
for the Cenobite 10 double E.P. "The Revelation" (Various Artist)
DJ Dano needs no introduction , he was one of the original founders of "Mokum Records" and is one of Holland's first Pioneer House DJ's All about Dano @ www.djdano.nl


daniel & michel




bio forge


This project started as a collaberation between Predator (Stefan Scheltema ) & Leviathan (Michel Klaassen)
Together they produced the tracks
" We know your Fear & Nobody s-capes us " on the Cenobite 3 E.P. BIO-FORGE
Under the same name Bio-Forge , Predator produced the classic track" Turbulence "
Predator also uses the name "Bio-Forge for other collabaration project's ,For more info about
Stefan Scheltema visit :

bio forge




       Ancient Heroes


Tim Egmond & Gary van Essen together form "Ancient Heroes".
They produced "The Waltz " And the track "Life" for the Cenobite 10 double E.P.
"The Revelation" (Various Artist).

Tim Egmond studied music and can officialy call himself
"European media master of art in compostion & music production" How cool is that !!
Tim like's to produce many style's of music and is currently building a new recording studio.






This was a callaboration between
Michel Klaassen aka (Leviathan) & Rodney Balai aka (Beyonder/Archatos).
Together they made the tracks "The Wish" ,"Dark Shadow" & "the Mind is A Labyrinth"
for the Cenobite 2 E.P. BEYONDER.
Also they produced "The Strenght of Unity" on the Cenobite 6 E.P. ARCHATOS
And for the Cenobite 10 double E.P. "The Revelation" the track "the Prophecy"
Rodney & Michel as Co-producer made "Demonz on Earth" & "My God" for Cenobite 6 E.P."ARCHATOS"
Also in colabaration with ARJUNA they made the classics
"Shoot that Motherfuck" & "Rock on till the break of dawn"
on the Cenobite 4 E.P. DJ-ARJUNA & BEYONDER
"Shoot that Motherfuck" is also released as a music video (3D animated) Produced by Cenobite & PIX
Rodney Balai worked under many diffirent names
"Maniac of Noize (Mokum Records)" "innerchild Knor Records)" to name a few




       Radical Disaster


Produced with Leviathan the track "Electrified" on Cenobite 7 E.P. "LEVIATHAN" "the new generation"
And "evil spiritz" on Cenobite 10 double E.P. "The Revelation" (Various Artist)
Also he made together with "Virus" a remix of "Shoot that Motherfuck" Cenobite 8 E.P.
Rob Verkerk also known as "Guitar Rob" worked on many projects solo and with difirent Artist & labels.

guitar rob





A collabaration between Jeroen Baan & Michel Klaassen came up with the result
"Beware" for the cenobite 10 release
Matrox is Missing in action.



       Dj Bilderberg

the bilderberg group
The Bilderburg Group - Your Not Our Gods ----- FREE DOWNLOAD !!!
Artist : The Bilderberg Group
Track : You're Not Our Gods
Produced By : WSD Crew , Leviathan , The Philosopher , Manic , Membrane
Scratching By : DJ Delirium

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2 mixed cd's by Dj Leviathan
53 cenobite tracks by 25 Artists
18 NEW tracks


REVIEW BY BRISK core magazine

Artist: Various artists
Title: Machines In Motion Volume 2
Label: Cenobite Records

Dutch label Cenobite Records have been releasing original Hardcore music for a number of years and I was positively excited when their latest album found
it¹s way to me. Entitled ŒMachines In Motion 2¹ the project is seamlessly
mixed by Leviathan who, across 2 discs, manages to perfectly capture the
full spectrum of Cenobite as a label. With a gradual increase in tempo and
intensity across both CDs this project takes the listener on journey through
Hardcore incorporating many influences including Acid Techno, Trance,
Psytrance, Break Beat, Gabber and more. With featured music from Leviathan,
Tellurian, Dano, Crypt, Chosen Few, Delirium and the usual Cenobite suspects
this is a definitely noteworthy and refreshing release for your collection.

Rating: 5 of 5   Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]



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DJ Leviathan - MACHINES IN MOTION Volume II by Cenobite_Records on Mixcloud






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